Thursday, March 12, 2009

Teacher Dobel's Farewell Performance

Teacher Dobel Dizon, Grade III Adviser of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School (OLLCS) in coordination with the parents of her pupils initiated a blogsite project to convey the theme of the 9th Field Demonstration Exercise of OLLCS: "HELLO WORLD: A CALL FOR SURVIVAL". The theme of the presentation concerns the present state of our environment to call our attention and the world to address global warming, which is a treat to our children's future. The project which includes a DVD production of the children's presentation to raise fund to address our concern in garbage collection, though how simple, yet a step towards the realization of the children's clamour. The children's voices, their presentation and effort to convey their message, though small and simple touches the hearts not only of their parents but to all of us as well. These children though innocent clamours for their voices to be heard. Who are we then to say no to these children, to these angels in whom our future and the future of our nation depends.

Teacher Dobel's children won two (2) awards in the said presentation, a presentation, which they, their teachers with their parents painstakingly prepared for us to see how they convey their message. Who are we then to deny the world to see the message, which our children wish to convey, the message the theme of the activity itself addresses to the world.

In their presentation the children wanted to live in an environment where flowers blooms, trees rises above us, fish and those that lives in water continues to swim in our rivers and lakes. A place where they can breath clean air, a place where their future is secured.

Herewith is the children's preparation for their presentation on Vimeo, a series of presentation shall hereinafter follow.

Thank you Miss Dobel Dizon, herewith is the fruit of your labor, our children's presentation:

Teacher Dobel's Farewell Performance from Roy Luga on Vimeo.

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